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Observing my Tuesday afternoon tea ritual. The bus ride over was about a billion times more enjoyable than last week's. Spent all of today out of the office as well; didn't feel so hot when I woke up, so made the call.

Feeling better in small steps. Peace doesn't lie in answers for everything.


Just wanted to let you know I found your journal interesting and encouraging. I am an undergrad student at University of Missouri where I am involved with the campus GCM church (which is how I found your lj). Anyway, I added you to my friends list. Hope you get to feeling better.

- ryan
Heartfelt thanks for your encouragement, Ryan. When I was in graduate school and working for the University of Maryland, I was part of Maryland Christian Fellowship; God used the ministry to grow me in so many ways. I've added you to my friends list as well.

Where does peace lie?

I have found it interesting that peace is often mentioned in conjunction with righteousness, as in this verse. Things to ponder.

Hope you're feeling better today. :)