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Worst. Bus ride. Ever.

I want to turn in my geek card. I know it's not that easy, but I just spent about half an hour trapped on a bus sitting in front of a three-man geek cluster. And they were talking. And talking. And talking. It was like some kind of parody, as if I were among ersatz younger versions of The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy.

They talked about video games, and upcoming video games, and catchphrases for upcoming video games.

They talked about hitman weaponry and methodology.

They talked about their computers, and their CPUs, and their case modifications, and their hard drives, and their graphics cards.

They talked about the upcoming D & D night on Friday, and how the one guy wouldn't have to be an ogre if he came, and how they had enough fighters, but maybe he could be a rogue.

In a startling show of self-awareness, they debated whether lazy people become geeks or whether geeks become lazy (the consensus of The Triumvirate seemed to be that there were more lazy people than geeks).

Each laughed nervously after his own attempts at witty one-upmanship. Every time.

They argued about whether "fileserver" was one word or two.

Seriously. I can't make this stuff up. And I'm only scratching the surface, sparing others and myself an agonizing rehash of the eye-spooningly boring details.

I am a self-avowed geek. Some of these topics have been, on some level, part of my own geekery from time to time. But wow. That was just nuts. Maybe it was the closed quarters and lack of an escape route, but by the end of the ride, all I wanted to do was beat them up after school.


You should've given each of them wedgies,
ask them if they've moved out of their parents' garage yet, and squeal with laughter as they begin to cry.

Oh, the temptation...
there are more than one type of geek. I think they actually qualify more for "dorks".
I think they may have defined "dorks."
I just laughed SO HARD.
You laugh at my PAIN!

You are not a geek like that!!
Before this, I didn't realize anyone was really a geek like that!
That site is cool. And by cool I mean totally sweet.
These guys would have spent time talking about the inaccuracies of that site, as well as the coding errors in the html.
inaccuracies? no way!
by the end of the ride, all I wanted to do was beat them up after school.

this is nothing to be ashamed of. nor is this any reason to deny your geekosity. just because one is a geek, does not mean one must be fantistically boring.

ps:we need to come to seattle soon. victrola has been calling my name.
"Come to me, Jason..."
*very quietly shoves her RPG book and multiple source books back out of the way and moves to block the view of her shelf of computer hardware and networking books.* ;-)
You should see my Star Trek-themed apartment. expressedinword and taci can vouch.


My computer room is Star Wars flavored. ;-) Along with my costumes, knives, and *cough* lightsabers. ;-)

Re: :-)

I have a bigger-than-life-sized R2-D2 Pepsi cooler that was used in convenience stores by Pepsi during Episode I. Great for parties.

Re: :-)

Very cool!

I've got a bunch of the little leggos and such scattered around on shelves and such. I am working on costumes right now for a convention the end of the month. I make costumes for people and sell them. :-)
I never really thought of you as a geek, actually.
My closet full of comics could go a long way to proving you wrong. Still, I'm not in their league.
they're too elite for you
All my base are belong to them.


It sounds like you stumbled onto some real life Langly, Frohike and Byers (aka The Lone Gunmen). :-)

And I agree with everyone else. I've never thought of you as geeky. Highly intelligent, but never dorkish-geeky.

Re: Interesting...

Why thank you!
LOL. that's one word, short for three words.

extra points for "ersatz," "triumvirate," and "eye-spooningly boring."

Always go for the extra points!