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Go you!


The people upstairs from me have a bulldog they like to play with and chase around. The resulting racket is most elephant herdesque. Even so, it's far from constant and better than hearing the previous upstairs neighbors have sex (actually, I only heard him having sex, which made it all the creepier). Besides, life is far too precious and short—let them play.


We had the best of both worlds in one apartment which Jason and I lived (was that proper grammar or what?:) ) - the neighbors next door having sex, the neighbors below us always fighting. And then the next place we lived, a basement apartment, our neighbors got up every morning at 5 and woke us up with their elephant herd noise. (they ran a drive thru espresso shop - a noble reason to have to get us at 5.)
why is it creepy to hear people have sex?
Okay...unless it's your parents...then it's creepy. :)
Interesting distinction.
For the same reason that I don't want to hear people grunting as they go to the bathroom in another apartment. If that does not make sense to you, all the explaining in the world won't be of help to you.
LOL@ hearing "him" having sex.
This user pic is hilarious.

So is the phrase "elephant herdesque." As opposed to "elephant burlesque..."