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Needful things

A cup of tea before Community Group; a ritual that will likely become tradition. It creates space for me to be with myself, with my thoughts, with God, with His Word, to be still. I need that.

God has been good to me today. Inside, I'm raw. He's tenderly reminding me of His lovingkindness, past and present. I need that.

Heard some amazing ways God is working in people's lives at the office today, the kind of step-by-step orchestration that so clearly indicates His handiwork. Worth considering that life is always like this, but we so rarely have the eyes (or wisdom) to see it. I need that.


God is indeed working in your life. I'm glad you're able to see a little of it. Hang in there.
me too
i'll pray 4 u
will u pray 4 me?
Absolutely. I'm honored.
This reminds me of this verse we talked about last week in Bible study. I love to think about "consulting with myself," but perhaps that's just my contemplative nature.
either that verse only makes sense in context or i am drained from arguing with atheists
*has been a good little soldier*
Probably both. I was reminded of it only for the phrase "I consulted with myself." Shouldn't have yanked it so mercilessly out of context. :)
i bet it's really cool in context