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When it rains

Because God is infinite, it stands to reason that his sense of humor is also infinite. This proposition is confirmed by the following email, received in my inbox moments ago from a friend. We were good friends for a while, then started to talk about the idea of spending more time together, and then she vanished. Here's the rest of the story, and the first I've heard from her since she went poof:
Hi [me]-

I was looking over the website today-thinking of you all. I just thought I would send you hello from Madison, WI. YUP, I got married in November to a great guy. I can hardly believe it but once I met the guy it was like, ok, how long do we have to wait to just be together. I feel like God really blessed me with a great relationship. However, I miss [our church] a lot. We go to an Evangelical Free Church here in Madison that is very good but man, what a family I had there.

I hope this finds you well. Im scheduled for a visit in May (20-25). Hope Ill see you while I am there. Blessings to you dear friend!

Jennifer [(maiden name) new name]
I had learned about this prior to this morning's email, but ugh—not what I would have chosen for this morning.

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