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Math/Not math

So my computer has apparently lost the ability to do math, or is perceiving some subtle arithmetic nuances that I've missed. First, I tried adding the following, on Koncalculator2:
2627 + 1292.61 = 3919.60999999999
Next, I abandoned it for the Calculator application in OS X. It added those numbers according to the mathematic laws with which I have become accustomed, with a result of 3919.61. Then I attempted to add 400, which yielded a result of 4319.610000000001.

I'm afraid I may have broken the universe. Oops.


You are dangerous, aren't you?
Every day.

I don't understand why it would do that.
lol u would think that addition would have better precision then that
of course to do ur own math, u could always open a browser and type javascript:alert(your calculation here);
I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but it looks like an internal rounding error. Has something to do with the way it stores the fractional part.
Thanks a lot for breaking the Universe you big jerk. I totally had things I wanted to do with my life.
Me too, but if it's broken for me, it's broken for everyone.
So did you break it or someone else? I just want to know who to be mad at.
Me too.
Okay, so it wasn't you. I apologize for accusation.
it was prolly me
i exceeded lightspeed, so the universe got a divide by zero error when computing the slope of spacetime at the point where i existed because my mass was infinite
Good to know. Thanks for your honesty.
well, ya know how it is