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How petty our complaining is! Our Lord begins to bring us to the point where we can have fellowship with Him, only to hear us moan and groan, saying, "Oh Lord, just let me be like other people!" Jesus is asking us to get beside Him and take one end of the yoke, so that we can pull together.

Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest (14 April, "Inner Invincibility")

Worked hard yesterday to get everything done so I could have R & R today. Thankfully, it worked. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, it helps to remember this call to pull alongside Him, and the blessing of knowing and pursuing that kind of fellowship with Him.

Almost forgot to pay my taxes yesterday (I'd already filed). Thank God for modern technology. In college, I remember doing my taxes during an evening student senate meeting, then racing to find an open post office.

Had a couple of convicting dreams last night. Not the soul-crushing variety, but the kind that remind me of places I need to seek Him first, places where I'm letting sin hold me back.

Still open for questions, though I can't promise not to be evasive (it's part of my charm). Even so, you never know...

Found this wonderful prayer at the Chapel of St. Ignatius this week:
I arise today
through God's mighty strength,
the friendship of Jesus
and the Spirit's empowering,
the presence of angels
and the love of the saints,
the prayer of my neighbor
and the song of creation,
I arise.

The Cry of the Deer, 8th c., attrib. St. Patrick.

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