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Burn, baby, burn

My dinner almost became an accomplice to arson.


what were you trying to make?
Mini pizza, toaster oven. That'll teach me to be all bachelory and lazy.
ohhh. how about putting olive oil in a pan turning the heat onto high, and then stepping away to do some journaling. (duh). i saw flickering lights from the kitchen before we figured it was me being a dumbass. and this happened just this year! and i studied at the Western Culinary Institute!
That's why you did it with style!
haha. LOVE that icon. :-)
unrelated: gosh, this week has been so cool. :) I've got DS9 rockin the TiVo...
It has been very cool. I've been tempted by the TiVo, but it needs a land line, which I don't have or want to pay for.
oooo it does? crap! There goes my idea for Tivo at my new place.
I think so, though I'm no-longer-secretly hoping that someone will come along and correct me.
Alas, you're right. You do need the phone line so that TiVo can talk to the mothership (even if your TiVo is for a satellite system, like mine). But, since I need the land line for my DSL as well, I don't mind.

The only thing I don't use the land line for is making phone calls. Heh.
I ♥ eating carceogens! Mmmmmmmmm . . .
I live so dangerously!