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Way too busy. Haven't stopped working for more than an hour since yesterday except to sleep (five hours). Won't be done until after 21:00 tomorrow, and even then it's just a small break of a day or less. How did I get swallowed up? I'm on the verge of being a mess, I think, or at least of letting it show that I already am. What's this empty feeling I have? I hate it.


You need a break. Remember, you are not indispensible. If you died tonight, someone else could pick up the slack. So, if you really need the slack, just let them know and ask them to either give you some help, or give you a break. Don't let yourself get to the breaking point over this!
praying this for you
Can you talk with your superiors so that they can lighten your load? You don't need to burn out or work yourself sick. :/ I'll be praying for you. I hope things ease up on you soon.