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All will be well

All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.

—Julian of Norwich

God's Spirit was on the move at our Gathering of Prayer. So many common themes pointing to a single Author. He is committed to advancing His Kingdom, in love and in power. I am more assured of this than ever.

Mind and heart are full of convictions and ideas. Tried to share some with friends after the meeting, but when another friend interrupted midstream asking if anyone wanted to get something to eat, my passion was instantly forgotten by all but one. It made me feel small. She listened to the remainder while the others made social plans, noting that slights like these are rarely malicious. I told her the truth: I prefer malice to negligence in my relationships. I know how to deal with enemies, but not with friends when they don't care. All is and will be well; it's just how I feel in those moments.

Thoughts and prayers continue apace; some action will flow from them tomorrow, no doubt. Aslan is most certainly on the move.

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