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Saturday bits

Did a very few things today:
  • laundry
  • went out for coffee and reading time (The Journey of Desire, which I haven't picked up in ages)
  • dishes
  • cleared some clutter from my window wells, discovering a flower growing there
  • fixed a broken drawer in my kitchen
What a gorgeous day. I almost feel like a bonehead for making such an obvious observation, but it bears repeating. The kind of day to have a big, smiling dog who likes to play frisbee, or a friend who likes to have picnics, or both.

Staying in tonight. With daylight saving time and a long day tomorrow (congregational meeting in the afternoon and Gathering of Prayer in the evening in addition to the usual morning worship services), it's a great time to be resolved about laying low. Not being able to do everything doesn't bother me so much. Leafing through my old leather-bound journal (pre-LiveJournal) while sipping my coffee this morning, I couldn't help realizing what a good season of my life this is. I'm grateful.
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