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My fair city, and friends now and then

Fantastic, full, leisurely time off yesterday. Nothing earthshaking, just lots of time to be in my city, to walk in the sun and smell the amazing fragrances of the flowers and trees. It's like living in a garden here.

One of my walks took me down the street where Chris and Sara used to live. I only realized this was where I was headed once I was well on my way. There was sadness in that, in seeing their house that's no longer their house. But there are so many good memories, too.

Evening dinner and discussion with Annette, Nate, and Heather was the same tension between enjoyable and feeling like a misfit. It's difficult to describe well, and the disconnect is certainly unintentional. We are all of one Body, but we are very different parts. Sometimes I feel like they think I'm from another planet with the way I see and respond to things. Again, no one means any harm; it's just part of authentic community, I think.

No plans today; we'll just see what happens.

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