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Junior Asparagus

One of those perfect misty melancholy Seattle nights. Since I love walking on nights like these, took a quick trip to the grocer's. I am now the proud owner of a bunch of asparagus, which I enjoy but have never prepared for myself. Comments are open for hints and suggestions. I've never been so excited about a vegetable.


I've never made it from scratch before, but I've been dying to try! You'll have to tell how it turns out :)
I keep thinking, "It can't be too hard; it's a vegetable."

That's what I keep thinking. :)
Boiled or steamed, with a nice thick hollandaise.
Next project: a nice, thick hollandaise.
I think it comes in jars.
Now you're just making this too darned easy.
steamed, not microwaved, then butter and salt. oh boy. i ALMOST want to go to Safeway and get some right now.
$2 off with your Club Card, baby.
sweet. gotta love the Club Card.
grilled on a inside grill
or steamed lightly then sauteed in a bit of butter just to braise it
and that is all...enjoy!
Inside grill...this shopping list is getting longer (which is a good thing).
yeah i would say something like a george foreman if that appeals to you ...otherwise a grill pan would be just fine...
ditto. :)
Chuck in in a stir-fry.
Chuck it in a blender, add breadcrumbs and make asparagus burgers.
Steam, boil or grill it.
Make soup.

(takes a bite out of a yellow pepper)


mmmmm....I like to eat it along side pasta with marinara sauce...or by itself with the marinara...mmmmm
So, how did it turn out?