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When idols fail

Making the most of this day off has tired me out. By 9 am, I'd done laundry, paid bills, picked up supplies from the office (a technical violation of the "day off," but necessary and saved the weekend from work), and sat down for my morning coffee. Had late lunch with Jeremy in Wallingford (yummy Indian buffet), did some label business via email, and have mostly relaxed the rest of the day.

Fighting off the desire to be pissy because my PowerBook developed this evening what may be a serious problem with properly recognizing, charging, and operating from batteries. Since the issue replicates with different batteries, it's definitely the unit. Just yesterday I was considering using an Apple trade-in program for a $700 credit toward a new PowerBook (which ends tomorrow), but decided to trust God's provision and not go after something I don't need because it's appealing. Now I may be looking at more expense to keep this dinosaur.

And yes, the idolatry irony is occuring to me in spades—my idol is failing and broken. He's so jealous, and I'm glad of that. He comes through, every time.

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