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It's Friday afternoon and I've just boarded the Tacoma to ferry me to Banbridge Island for dinner at the Sellerses. Haven't seen them since early January, so I look forward to catching up and seeing how they've settled into their new home and lifestyle. Though I'm grateful for and excited about the momentum and change the past couple of months have brought to the church, I miss Dave and his family. I was honored to work for Dave and would be honored to ever have the opportunity to partner with him again. These are friendships I want to keep.

Friendships I want to keep seems the theme of the week. Mike's unexpected visit has blessed me; we enjoyed dinner at Coastal Kitchen last night and lunch at Murphy's today (Jeremy joined us for a few minutes, an extra treat). Hope he, Laine, and the girls are able to make a move here soon.

Watching Seattle grow smaller as the crossing begins affirms my conviction that I live in the most beautiful city on the planet.


Yay! I love Bainbridge island....
crossing? explain :)

(I'm *this* close to making my decision to move)
I was on a ferry crossing from Seattle to Bainbridge island. It's beautiful. Please come. :)
When we lived out there we got to go to Whidbey Island twice and stayed in a beach house. Was lovely. If I had mucho dollars, I'd buy some house out there for sure.