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Haunting imagery and giant turtles

Don't ask why (because I don't know), but for some reason I decided to look up a television movie I saw as a boy that's always haunted me—something in the music, the imagery, the story, even though only bits of this survive in my consciousness. The plot involved the Bermuda Triangle, a giant turtle, a woman who lived underwater, and some kind of doomed love story. Yes, seriously. Anyway, I searched on "giant turtle" and "Bermuda Triangle," and lo and behold, up came The Bermuda Depths. Judging by the user comments, there's apparently a whole generation of us having this "I'm haunted by this weird movie that I'm not even sure exists" experience. Would love to get a copy and give it a look.


Weird! I love it when you rediscover things like that.
I added this to my 'memories' so I can go look for the movie sometime. Let me know if you ever get your hands on a copy!