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Best. Star Trek. Ever.

Just saw a teaser that Spike TV will start running Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on 5 April. Explaining how excited this makes me would only make me appear more geeky. Which might be accurate.

P.S. If I mentioned that I own an etched glass Starfleet Academy plaque that was a set prop in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode I'm watching ("The First Duty"), I'd look even more geeky. So I won't.



I enjoyed DS:9, but I rarely got to see it. Cool on the SA plaque. :-D
I never got as jazzed about DS9 as I was about TNG. I *loved* TNG, and still watch reruns when the mood strikes. And the movies?! Oh yeah, I get into those as well :)

You may be geeky, albeit self-admitedly, but you're not alone :)
DS9 was good. Nerd it up woot.

true memories

i miss that
i will HAVE to watch it
my mom and i used to watch that, years ago
i grew up with a mom who would often give us the vulcan sign and say "live long and prosper" when she said goodbye-she is a true old time trekie
thank you...you have made me warm in my heart
Anybody who readily watches TNG is automatically cool...no processing or testing, they're simply relegated to cool.