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Be afraid...

Disney picks up The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Jack is spinning....

This is so very, very wrong.

Re: Jack is spinning....

More proof that shalom has been violated and broken.
oh man.
Yeah. Not good.

Are you still selling your iPod?
I hate to see the word 'franchise' next to anything worthy of respect. It's like putting fresh vegetables in the microwave

Note to self: no fresh vegetables in the microwave.
Oh man. :( Disney gets scarier all the time. They're like a cancer trying to take over the entire entertainment industry. I've been especially concerned ever since they bought the Muppets.
Forces are gathering in Mordor...
Le sigh. I remember when Disney used to be cool.
The Lion King and Aladdin are the only recent standouts for me.
It will be interesting to see what they do with it. My standards are pretty high, because I have loved the Narnia Chronicles for years on end. There is a British version of a few of the books, done in live action, that I have enjoyed...have you seen those?
Yes, I remember using those when I taught a summer course on Lewis. They're charming in their own way, aren't they?
bad news indeed
Um, what's wrong with it? I kind of like the idea. Why don't you?
At great risk of understatement, I think entrusting Disney with the spiritual legacy of Lewis' work is a bit like entrusting the henhouse to the foxes.
All I have to say is that AIM Express is being a total freak this afternoon and I can't get back online.

Still very curious.

Your first guess was right, and your second was half-right. Email me at banzai@livejournal.com. ;)