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Spent the day at the office yesterday; taxes, financials, and a downed web/email server conspired to thwart my hopes for a day out. Instead, I'm trying to take that day today. I'll probably work through most of it; all I need is the breathing room to not be responding to work things. The drawback of today over yesterday is that I still have Community Group tonight, but perhaps it's best for me to be refreshed by then rather than having the whole day to do with as I please. I'm not such a wise steward, so it may be better to entrust me with less.

My home is much, much messier than I'd like. Everything needs a good cleaning, but not everything is going to get one today. Baby steps.

Love this song.



I had a lifeofbrian moment - I thought the title here was Homestar for a second.

Hope you get some much-needed rest. :)
Yes, baby steps are good. :) Even slow progress is progress.