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Among the flock

If we do something simply out of a sense of duty, we are trying to live up to a standard that competes with Jesus Christ. We become a prideful, arrogant person, thinking we know what to do in every situation. We have put our sense of duty on the throne of our life, instead of enthroning the resurrection life of Jesus. We are not told to "walk in the light" of our conscience or in the light of a sense of duty, but to "walk in the light as He is in the light..." (1 John 1:7). When we do something out of a sense of duty, it is easy to explain the reasons for our actions to others. But when we do something out of obedience to the Lord, there can be no other explanation—just obedience. That is why a saint can be so easily ridiculed and misunderstood.

Oswald Chambers , My Utmost for His Highest (28 February, "'Do You Now Believe?'")

Sunday morning and I am surrounded by a flock of seagulls (the birds, not the band) and looking out toward where the grey of the ocean meets the grey of the sky on the far horizon. Odd to once again reach a Sunday morning and not find myself preparing for work and worship at my church. Nevertheless, God Himself is very present with us here.

We'd planned to come together for worship this morning, but in light of the 11 am checkout deadline, moved our time to yesterday after dinner. Worshipping in a group of fifteen is so very different from worshipping with our entire congregation. It was wonderful, meaningful, even powerful. Our reflection and discussion was focused on Psalm 139: who God is in our present (love), our future (hope), our past (faith), in the battle and the war, how we pray without ceasing, and how we invite him to examine us in this Lenten season. I was thankful and blessed— the door is open for important considerations and conversations among us as well.

Tonight is Grace On Tap at the Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard. Hoping for a nap between returning home and going out again; I'm definitely feeling the effects of being on the go so much these past couple of weeks. Looking forward to slowing down soon.


jcjava and I met up this weekend ... and the comment was made that you are not very hard to find. Either we show up at Victrola and wait around for an hour or we wait for Grace on Tap to happen then look for the man who's running things.

Thank you for continuing to share.
Well, I think I may be staying in tonight, so don't look for me!
oh darn and i was just gassing the jet to do so....
hope the rest helps...
i understand the running and not always a literal running...i am feeling the end of myrun...and watching fox news is my relax right now...
enjoy it while you can
shhhh you werent supposed to tell...how can we ambush him then!!
hehehe j/k
Happy napping! That IS the 11th commandment, you know:

"Thou shalt take a nap on Sunday afternoon."

I better go obey. :)
Sometimes obedience is its own reward.