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Holding the day at bay

It's a tough call whether the day is rotten or I am. Whichever the case, I've been in a foul mood all day. Nothing in particular has set me off; objectively it's been a really smooth transition back. Probably just wrestling a rebellious flesh, some spiritual attack, and an unresolved issue or two. Hopeful that a few moments of solitude, prayer, and a pot of jasmine pearl can help in fueling me through the rest of the evening without blowing my stack.

The rest of the evening is a challenge: a birthday party, and a disorganized one at that. Personally, a couple hours on my own would have been a welcome gift, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. Making anyone feel bad won't buy me any quiet; they all mean well and mustn't be faulted for it. Smile, say my thank-yous, and look for the gracious exit. Don't despise the gift of their presence.

Screened three calls within the last half hour. Just give me a few moments, people— I need them.



I forgot earlier... I'm sorry... almost belated:

Happy Birthday!!!

Re: Ahhh!

Thank you!
...wrestling a rebellious flesh...
Wow, I totally feel your pain.

Plus I'm usually in a foul mood on my birthday too ;) But I hope it turned out to be blessed and fantastic :]

it's your birthday? have a great one!
Thank you, my friend!

it's your birthday??


Re: it's your birthday??

and a belated birthday wish for you!!!

*blows wonderfully awesome wishes your way*