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8F: The return

My flight from Des Moines to St. Louis boarded from the tarmac. That puts the magic back into flying. My route to Iowa went though Dallas/Fort Worth; my rout back home goes through St. Louis. Try to change up the routes each way so I'm harder to track (hard to know if I'm joking, isn't it?).

My favorite feature of the St. Louis airport is the "smoking lounge": a little glass booth just off the concourse that reeks of desperation far more than it does of cigarettes. Public humiliation at its finest.

My assigned seat from and to Seattle is identical. Creature of habit I suppose. Now you know where to find me.

P.S. Looks like the Bistro Bags (or "sacks of crap") are back in force. On the way to Iowa, my Lay's potato chip mini-bag puffed up like a little balloon due to cabin pressure. Made me chuckle.


Re: 8F

Window. I prefer windows because:
A) Less jostling, more support; and
2) I get to see everything, including my beautiful Emerald City at night.

Re: 8F

you can prefer them for any reason you please - more aisle seats for me! :)