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Stomach knotting

In a funk. Worry, insufficiency, insecurity, uncertainty, anxiety, guilt, stress. Fear. Most of it is just in my head; when isn't it? That which is real is still not too much to entrust to God; in fact, that's the very thing to do with it. Need is a gift. I have trouble receiving it rightly. All I want to do is run away. That never ends well.

(Lunch might help, too.)


I just made my first entry in a month or so, and then checked out my "friends"... we are in the same mood - hope yours passes soon! One of the best things about God, though, is that He understands the moods, too. One of my friends always says: "Chin up Buttercup" to me when I'm in a funk. It's corny as can be, but it makes me smile - maybe it'll work on you too. ;)
In the words of Rupert whatever-his-name-is from "My Best Friends Wedding" and whoever wrote the song originally, "I'll say a little prayer for you."