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Hate shopping, but I had to. My shoes all had holes and my feet were getting wet. My coat wasn't waterproof and I kept getting soaked. And the sun, when it comes out, hurts my eyes. So here's what I came away with:
  • Athletic shoes: $60 $33.99
  • Casual/dress shoes: $69 $27.74
  • Coat w/ hood: $170 $49.99
  • Sunglasses: $32 $21.24
My Abba always knows what I need.


where'd you buy shoes?


All at the Bon.


is that right next to the Apple Store?


If it had been, I probably would have missed my movie that afternoon.


Meaning, you would have spent hours figuring out what ipod you should buy me to help strengthen my music appreciation?

You're sweet.

And I'll take blue.
Nice work!! You've got mad shopping skills.


Mama didn't raise no fool.
The only way to shop is at a sale. Snaps to you!


Snaps to Him— I had no idea there would be things on sale; I just knew I needed to buy those things and would do it regardless.