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Ended yesterday with a sadness that's lingering today, not the type with a clear-cut cause or remedy. Maybe sometimes there are just feelings to be felt, and so we do. I'll not deny it or make more of it than it is.

My old friend Ken called late last night. We talked until my mobile battery died. Good to hear his voice; sorry to hear what some people in his life did to him. He should have been able to trust them; they should have loved him well. I know how he feels and hope God keeps coming through for him.

Early morning preparing for our church's intro seminar. Trudged through at first fueled only by a sense of duty, but by the time people arrive, it's rewarding to welcome them and see the eagerness on their faces. Blessed to almost always see the rewards in my work. It's an enviable position.

Laundry's done. No idea what to bring to the potluck tonight. Maybe Crunch Berries.
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