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Everyday living in the zone

Today has been good in a thoroughly nondescript, unremarkable fashion. Since the rest of the month involves lots of busyness for work and travel for me, the calm is refreshing in advance. Productivity is a good feeling as well. The zone (a quiet one), and I'm in it.

Tonight is flannel pants and Stargate SG-1, my Hawaiian pizza cooling off in the kitchen. Not exactly tearing up the town, but I'll take it.

There's a peace under all this. It's good.


Pizza, flannel pants and SG-1 beat tearing up the town, IMO. Too bad last night was D&C. Perhaps WOO gave you a happier mood. :)


So fun. Huge.
mmm...flannel pants and pizza are a wonderful combo...


It was so great, Maureen. Can't believe how much a night like that does for me!
Aaah, flannel pants. :)


If there's a better thing on the planet, Brenda, I'd love to hear about it!