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Observations and lists

A few observations on my LiveJournal habits:
  • Wouldn't have guessed that a day would come when I'd be even more long-winded in my comments than I am in my entries. Today may be that day.
  • May be guilty of severe overuse of the dash. Keeping an eye out for the punctuation authorities.
  • The phrase "too often" also tends to be used...well, you know.
Since I had dinner with my fellow Community Group leaders last night, I have the morning, and in fact the entire day, to myself. Though I love our Saturday morning meetings, today's freedom is novel and enjoyable.

Speaking of novel, I'd like to read more. Television and the internet have given me the attention span of a hummingbird (that's just conjecture; they may read War and Peace in their private hours), and that needs to change. Because I'm apparently listy this morning, books in some state of current reading are:And on deck (somewhere) are:Having a new PowerBook battery is still rocking my world. It's the little things.
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