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Observations and lists

A few observations on my LiveJournal habits:
  • Wouldn't have guessed that a day would come when I'd be even more long-winded in my comments than I am in my entries. Today may be that day.
  • May be guilty of severe overuse of the dash. Keeping an eye out for the punctuation authorities.
  • The phrase "too often" also tends to be used...well, you know.
Since I had dinner with my fellow Community Group leaders last night, I have the morning, and in fact the entire day, to myself. Though I love our Saturday morning meetings, today's freedom is novel and enjoyable.

Speaking of novel, I'd like to read more. Television and the internet have given me the attention span of a hummingbird (that's just conjecture; they may read War and Peace in their private hours), and that needs to change. Because I'm apparently listy this morning, books in some state of current reading are:And on deck (somewhere) are:Having a new PowerBook battery is still rocking my world. It's the little things.


that Roger

Sale was probably my favorite prof @ UW, one of the few bright spots in my anemic career there. He called BS when he saw it, challenging my writing as nobody had yet done; while he didn't give me my best marks and I didn't always understand what he was trying to get from us, I enjoyed him so much I took three classes from him, and felt particularly honored when, at my behest, he taught Children's Lit and even solicited my contribution to the syllabus.

No matter what, he always wore shorts.

Come on Down

Hi, I noticed that you listed Chris Ballew as an interest. I'd like to personally invite you to join the new Presidents LJ community, 3guys5strings! We hope to keep up with the latest PUSA news and just have a grand time chatting about a great band! Hope to see you there!

If, by chance, we're not on the same page, I'm sorry to have bothered you. :)

Re: Come on Down

We are on the same page— my label, B-Side Records, loves both PUSA and The Chris and Tad Show. Thanks for the invite!
You've a collection of heavy reading material there. Would having something "lite" on your list make it easier to succeed in reaching your literary goals? For myself, I need to vary the subject matter that I'm reading or else I lose interest in the process.

It's strange -- before going to college, my head was always stuck in a book, including everything from historical fiction to communist propaganda to murder mysteries to Biblical commentaries to a complete encyclopedia set.

What has happened to us as we grow old to make us forsake this love?


I overlooked my reading of Legends of the Ferengi. :)

Though I could (and likely should) cut back on TV and the Net, I'm largely content with how I'm investing most of my life and time. More discipline, certainly, would be good, but books aren't goals for me and I'm not sure I want them to be. There's a lot out there to enjoy and be faithful to.
Better to be list-y than listless, yes?




TSM. :)
Wow, that's a heavy book load. I've been hearing great things about John Eldredge...have you read any of his other stuff?


Yes— my copy of The Sacred Romance is the most dog-eared, beat-up book on my shelf. Also read Wild at Heart last year, which was quite good but not as powerful for me as the former.

The book load is because I forget what I'm reading and start something else, not because I'm a wonderful reader. :)