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Relaxing day off. Good to lay low awhile. Jeremy had to postpone, so my only time out during the day was for breakfast and grocery shopping. Did some reading in Bonhoeffer's Life Together that challenged me about the lack of discipline and time devoted to God in the course of each day. Things could be different, and the choices are mine.

Evening was dinner and discussion with Annette, Heather, and Nate at his place. Cozy, good food, company, and conversation. Blessed. Realizing that a lot lately.


I need to take more time for devotionals. *sigh* I'm just kind of lacking motivation right now...


Though it's a challenge, some of your current trials put you in a unique position to pray desperately and mean it, to cry out to God and need Him to come through for you. The Psalms are amazing prayers, particularly in these times. For example, read Psalm 55 and see if you can't see some of your circumstances— the betrayal and hurt, the desire to flee, and the need to hang on to the faithfulness of God.

This is a critical time, one the enemy would like to use to pull you far from Jesus, and one which the Spirit would like to use to draw you close to Him.


That was the perfect Psalm! Thank you so much for recommending it to me. You know, I'm glad you so often post those little devotionals. It points me toward God, and I know I need that even more right now. Thanks, again.