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Cruising along

Things are just cruising along in my neck of the woods. Friday was a social day; spent the afternoon at Murphy's with a rotating cast of characters, including David, Erick, Jenae, Jeremy, Melissa, Nate, and Nathan. Evening brought the housewarming for the Meridian boys, complete with a rousing round of The Chocolate Bar Game (it involves mittens, a scarf, a hat, a plastic knife and fork, tape, newspaper, a six-sided die, and of course, a large chocolate bar). Felt my social energy leaving pretty early into the night, though, so I headed out fairly early.

After our usual CG leaders' prep and breakfast, spent most of yesterday holed up inside. Hate the fact that just being with others, even when I thoroughly enjoy it, also wipes me out.

Today's been the work and worship routine, with Gathering of Prayer in an hour or so. My spirit is unsettled and unhappy, though I don't know why. It's not circumstances; things are going well. Maybe I'm just overresponding to some minor frustrations that I don't want to admit are getting under my skin (silly stuff, like annoying computer issues). Analysis doesn't seem like a good use of time and effort; I just want to be free of it. Life is good, so I'd like to be responding to it that way.


Mmmm... chocolate! Sounds like a yummy game. Do you get to eat the chocolate? *grin*

Yeah, getting our emotions to match what our spirit feels isn't easy. But at least you're aware of the disparity. It's a step in the right direction. :)