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This morning's message from the Pike and Broadway ATM:
Sorry, I'm out of paper (it's been a crazy day!). Would you like to continue without a receipt?
How handy.

Yesterday was busy as expected. Worked straight through from 7:30 to 22:30 and had good energy throughout. Serving and troubleshooting often make worship look different for me than for someone not employed by the church, but it's just a different kind of joy.

During the sermon at last night's Installation Service, Jesus came through the door, and I got to excuse myself from the sanctuary to talk with Him. He wanted money for rent and something to eat. I gave Him back some cash that He'd provided me and took Him downstairs to get a plate of food for Himself. Also invited Him to stay for the sermon and the reception and music afterward, but He had other places to be. Still, I got to give Him my card and asked Him to call if He needed anything, and I invited Him to join us on Sunday morning anytime.

LeRoy Bell played the reception after the service. John says "he's like buttah," and I couldn't agree more. What a blessing. Wasn't able to attend much of the reception because I got sidetracked by a broken front door, but that gave me the chance to spend some quality time with Jon, whom I don't know as well as I'd like. Great sense of humor and a servant's heart.

In light of today's My Utmost for His Highest, I realize that I am beginning to experience the "much more" Jesus promises. Not that I don't sidetrack or derail myself regularly, yet I can sense growth and blessing in my life. Was telling someone yesterday that I'm working harder, yet I'm also resting more and feeling more energized. It is a good time in so many respects.

Meeting with John this afternoon to go over my job description, which I drafted this morning. Should be interesting. Then coffee with Nate, and a Community Group leaders' dinner and meeting in the evening. Every once in a while I wonder how my counterful of dishes is ever going to be washed. That's a tiny price to pay.

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