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Teahouse typings

"Sorry I haven't written" seems the appropriate thing to say. Though my journaling absences are often due to struggles or doldrums, this time it's largely old-fashioned busyness. With a Monday holiday and a special installation service Sunday evening, work and life have kept me hopping. Energized for the most part, a feeling I could get used to and spoiled by.

Tuesday's Community Group went really well; I'd like to write a lot more about it, but we were in very deep theological waters and it's hard to make the switch. Better to let it come out in its time, or not at all. Suffice it to say that God answered prayer and guided me in how to lead, and I am grateful both for that and for the simple gift of those people in my life.

More geekiness in transition: problems with email resulted in my moving from Entourage to Mail, and I'm already happier. Not intentionally leaving behind Micro$oft (other than the ubiquitous Word and Internet Explorer, which I use simply to maintain a separate set of cookies so I can maintain John's schedule on his Sidekick (maybe I could use Camino? (how many parentheticals can be stacked on top of one another? (I'm sure I've broken a rule or two...)))); it just worked out that way. Not that I'm complaining, either.

Writing from Teahouse Kuan Yin via fairly intermittent wireless. The fact that this can be done at all is no small wonder, yet I find myself being impatient with my sporadic connection. My flesh is determined to seek and find an outlet for sin, instead of simply being grateful for being blessed. The Earl Grey was good; the raspberry cheesecake light and heavenly. It is good to be quiet and still.

Nate can't do Murphy's tonight, and I'm less and less in the mood. That's OK, I think, though I hate the thought of letting Nathan down.

Sometimes it's hard leaving something important on the back burner for a time, but sometimes that's exactly what trusting God looks like. I'm not avoiding or procrastinating; I'm making a choice to trust Him instead of press my own agenda. He loves better than I. That's a fact.

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