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Come what may

After Connor and Sara left this evening, I flipped channels and came upon Moulin Rouge. I've never had the heart to watch it. I still don't. But maybe I saw as much as I needed to see for tonight. Some things just are.


I happened upon that movie last night, too. Only watched long enough for the "The greastest thing is to love and be loved in return." Even just a few moments of that movie makes me feel very dirty.
I'm not sure what I'd think of the movie; it would just be hard for me for other reasons. Maybe one day.
i've tried watching it, but the music was just way to cheesy for me to watch the whole thing. i mean, i like musicals, but not this one.
why not?
It has some association for me that, left unchecked, can be hard to handle.
I'm sorry. :(

I'm not a big fan anyhow. ;)