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Life carries on

I grieve for you
You leave me
Let it out and move on
Missing what’s gone
They say life carries on

Peter Gabriel, "I Grieve"

Readying for work, I sat for a moment while this song played. My shoes in my left hand and my right on the desk, I sang along, letting myself be lost in that moment, that space and time. It was a good moment.

I saw the brilliant colors of sunrise today. I saw the Cascades and the Olympics, walking in the morning air with my coat unbuttoned. I saw the towers of my city glint and gleam in the breaking light. It was a good morning.

Got a jump on some of my Monday tasks last night, which boosted the day. Helped John purchase a Sidekick, so now our whole staff is so equipped. That's very cool. Stayed focused and productive at the office. It was a good day.

With nothing on my schedule for tonight, I've been mostly a couch potato, taking in lots of Stargate SG-1, eating Chex mix and drinking Coke. Not the picture of healthy living, but rewarding in its own way. It is a good evening.

I'm afraid of my heart being overwhelmed, or hurt, or left empty. That's what God and I fight about; that's what makes me rebel or run. It skews my decisions and slants my relationships. Some kinds of risks come hard; some kinds of trust don't come often at all. And I hate what I can't do, the problems I can't fix, the help I can't give, the hope I can't bring. But He's freeing me in small, glorious, redemptive steps. His Spirit nudges me in new directions. The gospel is true, even as I learn to live and believe it. It is a good life.


i appreciate your honesty while acknowledging life is not all honky-dorey.

i'm jealous of your moment. i need more.

mystery solved

Aha!! So you're the mystery writer at captainhoof.tripod.com/blog....
I love Peter Gabriel's stuff. "In Your Eyes" is still a favorite. ::wistful look at the 80s::

Chex Mix and Coke is a good combo - maybe not healthy, but sometimes one just had to say screw the healthy stuff and eat what sounds good.

I'm afraid of my heart being overwhelmed, or hurt, or left empty. That's what God and I fight about; that's what makes me rebel or run.

That...sounds like me. Actually, I'm kind of not talking to him right now because it doesn't seem or feel that he was there when I needed him the most... and that hurts. When it comes to the heart, that's the hardest thing to let go of.
... ::eyes the song again... blinks:: .... ACK! NO!!! ::tries to fight away her muse:: I don't need another project! ::beats head on desk:: Bah. That song's too perfectly fitting for a character of mine in an RP. My art muse is trying to sink its claws into it. ^_^
I can't believe I haven't responded to this by now (I suck). But I hear you. He does too, even in your silence. And He longs for you, if you can believe that. because He loves and delights in you. Nevertheless, it's hard. I know.