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What a weekend looks like

Been a good weekend. Yesterday was Victrola in the morning, sushi lunch with Jeremy, and pub time with Nate and Nathan in the afternoon. This morning I led preparation for Community Group with Annette, Heather, and Nate (on Psalm 57— "Strong Faith in a Faithful God," an amazing 1915 Spurgeon sermon centered on verse 2, is worth a read), then our quartet adjourned to breakfast at Coastal Kitchen.

The afternoon has been lazy. Cooked a bit (chicken au gratin) and am watching The E! True Hollywood Story on Dr. Phil now. May be moving from passively scoffing at him to actively disliking him. Then again, E! is to news as Dr. Phil is to mental health, so I should reserve a bit of judgment. And honestly, he's in the same camp as The Oprah as "people I resent being expected to care about in the first place."

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