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Amazing love, how can it be?

We seem to think that God wants us to give up things! God purified Abraham from this error, and the same process is at work in our lives. God never tells us to give up things just for the sake of giving them up, but He tells us to give them up for the sake of the only thing worth having, namely, life with Himself. It is a matter of loosening the bands that hold back our lives. Those bands are loosened immediately by identification with the death of Jesus. Then we enter into a relationship with God whereby we may sacrifice our lives to Him.

Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest (8 January, "Is My Sacrifice Living?")

Definitely feeling a groove, which is very nice. So many encouraging things with John's transition into the pulpit. Felt a good vibe at staff meeting yesterday; I think Phil did, too. Congregational meeting this Sunday will be a great opportunity for the church to be called back to the same page on our vision. I think God has been preparing us for this.

The way He works redemption is breathtaking. It's all over the history of our church. Starting this Sunday, John will begin preaching a series of sermons on the "I am"s of Jesus. Unknown to him (until yesterday), this very topic was the first series preached at our church, back in winter of 1998— the first sermon title ("I Am the Bread of Life") the very same. Coincidence? Hardly.

Concurrently, I'm feeling myself drawn back to the truth, able to shake a temptation or two when I realize that, regardless of how appealing they may be, they are ultimately lies. I try to sell myself back into slavery far too easily and often. It is a rich and transforming grace to be made aware of this, still moreso to see that His motivation for opening my eyes and strengthening my heart is nothing less than amazing, eternal love for me. For me! Staggering.


Have you heard the song, "O Love that Will Not Let Me Go"?
yes, (i know you didn't ask me) and now I have it stuck in my head. TSM.
At least it's not "Ooops, I Did it Again" or "Mmmmmmm Bop".
Stop that!

(yes, I know it...but now you've stuck crap in my head)
"I like big butts and I cannot lie . . . "
That's always in my head. I'm in Seattle, yo.
Oooooh yeah, home of Sir Mix-A-Lot, right?
True dat.
now it is, TSM!

feelin groovy....

neat! i love 'coincidence'.

Re: feelin groovy....

It's very encouraging. God's message for our church is the same yesterday and today.