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"Chut up!"

Must everyone have an opinion on everything? Perhaps the information age has sped my intolerance for spouting off; certainly my glance at this article did nothing to help. Internet and media deliver near-constant pontification from any source that can speak or type. Politics, religion, entertainment, ad nauseum— correct or not, it's largely little more than self-important garbage. Shut up.

(Ironic to write such a thing here in what can be a breeding ground for the very same thing, even and especially from me. Nail my damned opinions to the cross, Lord, lest they devour me whole.)


i can understand one feeling the need to ramble on while defending one's own beliefs, but what purpose is there in pointedly questioning the eternal fate of a man who is already dead?
Only attention getting/seeking, I think. Too many people define what they believe by what makes them angry. Pfft. There's a place for outrage, but methinks the creek has overrun its banks.
Well, I sure do have an opinion about your opinion that not everyone should have an opinion, at least about everything that is. *winks*
This comment still makes me laugh! Now my opinions have opinions!
Um.... Yeeeeaaaah.

I had to quit reading that article. It became painfully obvious that the author was delibrately misunderstanding Lewis.
I can't help but pontificate when I see what's going on in the world. I'd like to think that my punditry sometimes rises to the level of prophecy (in the "shouting God's word" sense, not the "predicting the future" sense). But I certainly hope that my LJ isn't chipping away at your sanity.

I do grow weary of it all at times, myself. It'd be nice just to live a simple life free of dread and outrage.
Everything chips away at my sanity, and there's not as much to chip as I'd like. :) No worries here. And I understand the weariness.

wow. i also stopped reading about halfway through.
Indeed. In hindsight, reading it halfway is halfway too far.
This is my favorite quote from the horror files on pedophilia and the "Roman" Church (I always know it's going to be interesting when they call it 'Roman':

"...This reversal of the Biblical requirements for church leaders(They all must be married in order to *really* be a pastor) is the cause of the widespread homosexuality and pedophilia of the Roman clergy. Unmarried, pedophile priests are acting out some implications of Rome's Antichristian theology. Until that theology is rejected, the outrageous practices of Roman priests will continue."

I guess that all those pentacostal pedophiles are secret catholic priests. shhhh.
I'll never tell.

Wait a minute— I'm an unmarried church leader. Does that mean I am:
  1. Homosexual?
  2. A pedophile?
  3. Roman?
  4. All of the above?
I didn't want to be the one to tell you.

And just so you fit in, it's technically the "Whore of Babylon" instead of "Roman". But WoB is just the term you use during Bible Studies and rides in the elevator.

When you are praying for us, stick with 'Romans'. You know. Those prayers where everyone says "just" a lot.

"Lord, I just...I just...I just want to pray for the Romans. I pray they stop with the idol worship and the sinful dancing and the wearing of spandex while exercising. But when they have their parties that are fun, God, I just - I just - I just pray that I'll be invited."

You have now proven beyond doubt that you were on Young Life staff.
sssshhhh. Romans don't do Young Life.
ha! sometimes "Lift up" is added, like so . .
"LORD, i just want to lift up the Romans right now . . "
Oh, I have been busting on this one so much lately. I even called myself out for doing it at staff meeting this week.
"Lord, we just want to lift up Lee in his struggle with the use of 'lift up' and his grammar issues, Lord.

We just...
We just...

I don't know. God, I just lift up the Romans.