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Weird thing o' the day

One of my upstairs neighbors, Bret, came by and introduced himself on the way to doing laundry. Cool guy-- friendly enough, and showed me some internet audio streaming software he's working on. Always good to meet the neighbors, and I may drop by to visit sometime.

This would all be normal, except he and his soon-to-be wife, Amy, are the ones I always hear engaging in hot monkey love through the ceiling. In fact, he even mentioned their volume levels (apparently his upstairs neighbor stomped in an effort to get them to pipe down a bit recently). It's a little strange to make friends with someone when your only prior knowledge of them is...ummm...hearing them.



Sounds like you're living in a sitcom.

Another LJ friend of mine was staying at a motel once, and it turned out the ceilings did NOT go all the way up! One of her friends was even able to see into the next room, where some hot monkey love, as you put it, was taking place.

Not that they thought they'd see that.. they were trying to figure out why there was light pouring out of the ceiling/wall junction....

noise factor

Been there. We had to call the cops once because a woman was...uh...being pleasured to a Monica Seles degree. Embarrassed cops.