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Didn't want to get out of bed today, and I didn't. It is a time for being strong and courageous, yet I don't feel like it. "Just a few minutes more," I thought to myself, "and maybe I'll have what it takes." Time off for the New Year's holiday comes at just the right time; I'm thankful not to have to be at the office today.

Now I'm working on the Order of Worship while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. "The Perfect Mate" is on. Somehow I'm not surprised.

Meeting tonight for discussion and prayer with Annette, Heather, and Nate. May head to Murphy's a bit beforehand to read and relax, depending on how the day goes. Meeting cancelled. Thanks— I needed that.


I've been watching TNG all day.
They skipped around a bit on the seasons, though.

Today was good. :D

Most enjoyable. :)
I wished we lived close. I'd want to hang out with you.
Would be a good time. Someday. You never know.
I have her problem allllll the time.

:) Hi noodle.
Of course you do!
So, how orderly was your worship?
Things went smoothly. I chose a cover quote that dovetailed beautifully into the sermon, which is remarkable since I only had the sermon title and text to work with. You'd almost think there's a plan or something...
That crazy Oprah - always planning!