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Laziness and gratitude

Day of rest at home has been helpful. Almost feeling well again, definitely well enough to relax, which is better than I've been doing for a while. Being back home relaxes me, too— in this moment, I'm thankful not to be moving to the townhouse. Better to be still.

Unpacking my bags (complete with the compulsory love note inside from my dear friends at the TSA) reveals some of Christmas' material bounty. Favorites include:More couch time is in order, I think.


Brennan Manning!!!

I love that guy.
Had dinner with him a few years back. God is amazing in him.
I'm a little hurt that you didn't mention the present I got you, but...whatever.



Oh, crap. That's the wrong link. That would have been such a good joke.


I didn't mention it because you promised to get me this and didn't deliver. I'm still bitter.
Well, there are a lot of sales happening in-between now and New Years, so I went with more of a practical gift, knowing how those kinds of books are more beach reads for you and I wasn't sure which one to choose.

There's about 30 bucks on this.


Hey, if I got that, I could use it to pay for this. They say that "completing this profile is one of the most important things that you can do to enjoy a successful life through building your personal self-awareness, and mental and emotional clarity." Just in time, too. Whew.
Laugh if you will, but these people took the training and it made them what they are today. Maybe that will convince you.


I guess The Color Code™ would help them know whether they're "Red Shirts" or not.
*rolling eyes*.

No...that particular type of training would come from here:


I win, I win!
Hey, I'm working, VacationGirl!
Maybe that would explain this.

nicely done.

You just said booyah.

Last year I taught my almost-two-year-old nephew how to say booyah. He now refers to one of his race cars as his "booyah car."
I just can't wrap my brain around you saying booyah quite yet.

I'm just "getting real" with you.

Keep it real. There's a lot you'll have to get used to with me.
You missed my Dr. Phil reference.

Catch up!