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Alternate endings

Sometimes when I see DVD ads on television that tout alternate endings, I wonder, "What if life came with alternate endings?"

Then I remember.

A separate thought (though not entirely so, now that I think about it): is it possible for one to have an occupational/social life cycle? I seem to wear out my welcome in each workplace within three years, precipitating the need to move on. Can't explain it. Would like to think it's not my fault, but I appear to be the common thread. Hate it. Not something I want to have happen to my current life (job changes and social changes have always gone hand-in-hand), but when sparks of conflict I cannot otherwise account for begin to pop up, fear and insecurity tell me the clock is ticking and to pack lightly.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it just me?

Mustn't camp out in self-doubt too long. It's just an offshoot of self-pity, which is a deadly combination of self-centeredness and faithlessness. Honestly, I'm just not that important. What I am is afraid, and that's something I'd like to put to death and have peace about. Prayer's the thing.


This is the way I've always looked at it: If people can't handle me, my thoughts, actions, the way I carry myself) then maybe it's good thing that I have to go somewhere else. After all, what's the point of being around people who don't like you for who you are or what you think and/or believe.
I've never seen the point of sticking around somewhere where I'm not wanted. Seems kind of stupid.
So maybe it's a good thing that you have a little change of scenery every few years. It's nice to switch things up a bit every now and then. It's kind of like moving things around in your living room every few years....just a nice change that makes things seem better...
Hope things go well with you.
God bless.

<>< Chris
Is choice an illusion? Well, the Father has a plan, and of this I am sure. Be at peace....
When I was a working woman, I found I would 'hit a wall' just about every six months. That's why I've had so many freakin' jobs--I'd quit my job every time I hit that wall. When I got to Starbucks, I was promoted at 3 months, which was almost like getting a new job, and I was there for 9 months before hitting the wall--at which point I realized that I could simply push through it. Things would be rough for about a month, and then I'd be in the clear for another six months or so. Oftentimes, a new challenge would help me hurdle that wall.

So the first thing I'm thinking is that it seems like you're dealing with a lot of the same stuff, over and over, in your job. And not just YOU in your job, but the actual work. Is there any way to change things up a bit? Get something fresh where you are?

The other thing I'm thinking is that maybe you can find new interests in new places outside of work. Maybe something fresh outside of work would keep your entire life from becoming one big drag... making it easier to cope with the hard stuff at work.
I don't know how to express the encouraging things that I want to say. But, I feel where you're coming from. However, I do not think fear is necessarily a bad thing to have in life. If you're comfortable where you are, it can lead to stagnation.

Then again, I do not know the type of fear you're having, so I might be completely off-base.

Well, it's not just you. It takes me 2.5 years on average.
I get like that in general in life. Of course it is like 2-3 years for me. So, being married has taught me alot. I mean i cant just up and leave my marriage.
I have sought counciling and guidance and found in reality, it is more me than otherwise. I mean, its all the same stuff. It becomes a feeling of, I am not appreciated, I can do better elsewhere, People don't like me or my ideas, etc.

I think that if God has you there for a reason, it is most likely to enrich/encourage/educate others AND to have others enrich/encourage/educate you. To leave because we are bored or don't feel like staying anymore, can be in itself selfish.

Now this is all my observation and opinion, so take it only for what it is worth in your life.