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Makin' your way in the world today takes everything you've got

Though I leave a scribble here and there, feel like it's been forever since I truly wrote here. Season has been/is/will be busy, and I'd prefer back-to-back commitments to a scattered schedule that doesn't leave a block of time to wind down. There's little to complain about other than pacing, however; much of what I'm doing is born of blessing: worship, leadership, friendship, fellowship, and family.

(Yeah, I really wanted there to be another "-ship" at the end, too, but what are ya gonna do?)

Big events of yesterday were going out to Rosita's Mexican Grill with Connor and the flooding of my kitchen. The outing was fun, precipitated by C-Dawg's heading home for Christmas, and the food was yummy (warm tortillas when you walk through the door!). My kitchen drama was less fun— the pipes in my sink were clogged, resulting in the dishwater from the three apartments above me backing up in my sink and overflowing. Disgusting. Management did a good job with it, though.

Hope to renew my ID today and catch the extended version of The Two Towers at Cinerama in the afternoon. Feel a bit of sickness coming on; not something for which I've time. Back hurts, too, and that's just plain unnecessary.

Really wish going with all the steam I have felt like it's going to be enough. Time passes anyway.


"What I have written, I have written."
I don't have a clever response for that one, Pontius.
2 blocks away.

My life is a series of near-misses.
Let's meet there for margaritas next week! :)
Out of town next week. See what I mean?