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Kiss the rain

Working today, since I couldn't get everything done yesterday. Just changed the copier toner and noticed the following phrase on the cartridge:
Unknown? Unknown? What are we working with here, magic beans?

The fine, fine folks from Road Tools sent me replacement elevation doohickeys for those that were lost from my office Podium Cool Pad. Besides making a great product, the service was excellent: no charge, second-day air, and many times more replacement parts than I requested (I think they enjoyed that I used the technical term "doohickeys" in my request, as they used the word at least three times again in their correspondence with me). Anyone with a laptop should consider this product— it makes a huge difference.

Christmas dinner for the church Leadership Team was great last night. Ben and Kami made a prime rib feast fit for kings, and I snagged a Mike's Hard Lemonade and Limonade in the Crawford's Fourth Annual White Beverage Exchange. They're the Canadian versions, which means real vodka and higher alcohol content. Ah, Christmas.

Downpour en route to the office, blue skies now. The weather is as moody as me.
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