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Not my day

Within the past half-hour I've managed to get in an argument that I knew better than discussing, resulting in upsetting a friend, and been turned away from the townhouse I was looking at. And I haven't even left my home yet. Have to go to a social dinner tonight for work, which also puts a knot in my stomach. That's my day; welcome to it.


Insert sympathetic smile here.
Tomorrow could be better, or maybe even today.
If I was there I'd take you out and buy you a pint.
There will be beverages. Oh yes.
Those are the days when I wish that I could either:

a) Get back in bed and start over

b) Hop in my (imaginary) charter jet and fly to Tahiti


c) Sit in my mommy's lap and cry.

I don't know if you're going to do any of those things, but I know (a little bit) how you feel.
If I wind up in Tahiti, I'll send a postcard.

hey, man.

you have to be grateful. you made me say it.

think of star trek or girls or real beer or oswald chambers or seattle or your nephew.....or just our God.
I'm sorry to hear about that, hon. Bleh, what a day. :(