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Matinee treat

Nestled in my seat at Cinerama, large popcorn and M&Ms to my left, large Cherry Coke to my right, awaiting the 4:15 showing of the extended Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Saw that the lack of Community Group tonight (we have our monthly potluck Saturday) presented the chance to have an unplanned movie getaway so I took it. I'm much better with unexpected free time than time I know is coming.

It's a good Seattle day. Walking to work I saw two small trees that looked like flames, bright red at their tops and pale yellow toward the bottom. The Olympics and the dark grey skies surrounding them could just as well be native to Tolkein's Middle Earth. I walked downtown early to be with my city for a while.

I should do this next week for The Two Towers.


Big phat, "Enjoy!" I'm going Thursday night.
I hope you enjoyed the movie. I watched the extended Two Towers with the fam over Thanksgiving and it rocked.