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Kicked around a lot this week, probably more by myself than anyone else. Anger has been off the charts with virtually no external stimulus. Felt a little crazy, honestly. Tried to write a time or two, but it never quite worked. It's an attack, or at least there's attack in it, yet I perpetually leave myself unguarded. I'm a huge moron sometimes. Glad God isn't waiting for me to be smart.

It's been harder and worse than I'm able to write. But God is better than I'm able to write.

Now it's downtime, mostly, for a day. Ran some errands this morning and have a few calls to make and household chores, but that's it. Taking my coffee and writing time at the Espresso Vivace Rosteria, since it's close to the bank and my other Broadway errands. A change can do me good, or so they say.

Viewed the townhouse yesterday, with lunch with Jeremy and Jenae (pictured at left) at Lotus before and pub time at Murphy's with Nate after. The townhouse is very cool and it needs some work. Meant to take pictures but simply forgot. Should hear next week whether it's me or the other prospect. Good news is that I found a note on the door of the place that gave me the guidance I'd been hoping for:
Dear [banzai]:

this is God. i think if
you wanted to know My thoughts
on the matter, you living
in unit B @ 4418 Meridian
Way would be whack cool.

i love you man.


Community has blessed me in the midst of my mess: good group Tuesday, get-togethers during the day yesterday, and dinner and meaningful time with my fellow group leaders last night. Annette, Heather, Nate and I are reading through Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Life Together; expect this to form much of my thinking and writing for a while.

On the geek front, I'm trying XJournal as my LiveJournal client for the first time with this entry. So far, me likey. Very clean and smooth. Also loving OS X 10.3.1, though it has been part of my headaches as well. Upgrades are like that, and not just in technology. Good thing to keep in mind.
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