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¿Que tal?

As I yawned and stretched here in the booth at La Puerta after my lunch, an attractive young woman walking down the street glanced my way, then looked back over her shoulder and and flashed me a huge grin.

What is it with me in Mexican restaurants? Am I more attractive with refried beans and salsa?


Hey baby, how YOU doin'? ;o)
Hola chica, como estás?
Whoa, there, I don't speak French. Can we flirt in English, instead?
I am equally impaired at flirting in all languages.
Perhaps the question to answer would be:

What exactly were you doing with the refried beans and salsa? :)
Livin' la vida loca.
Claro que si. I often find myself doing that w/ my Mexican food, too.
"I happen to consider anything more attractive with refried beans and salsa. I ♥ Mexican food!"
everything is more exotic with salsa.


I don't know about with, but how 'bout after...
ew... you stud ;)
This post and the comments within are the funniest thing I've seen all day.

Chics do dig foreign men...
It's the spicy salsa. ::sage nod::