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Victrola for the holiday

A slice of banana bread and an egg nog latté in my U.S.S. Defiant tankard. The old-time, big band Christmas music is piping away here at Victrola, as if it were being played on a victrola itself. There are a few lights up, too, and the baristas are dancing around a bit. It is nice, and good.

Last night (this morning) went well. The Holy Spirit was so evident in that group of men. They loved one another well, as well as I have seen. It's an unusual thing for us to enter each other's lives, to line up beside and behind one another, to stand ready for the battles that will come, to call each other higher. Jeremy is blessed, and I was blessed to be there.

Being there actually has me considering moving, if only across town to Wallingford. Jeremy and Jason will be bringing Nathan on as their third roommate, and the apartment next to theirs is open. The place is multi-level and very 70s-groovy, with a fireplace, a rotisserie grill(e), a rooftop deck with a city view, and a bubble window. A bubble window! How can anyone not want a bubble window? Very shagadelic. It's only missing a fondue pot, and I have one of those. It's right across the street from Murphy's Pub and a stone's throw from the grocery store, right along the 44 line so that transportation to work would be smooth.

There are parts of this day that will be more somber, but I'll leave them for their time. Now, best to enjoy and be thankful. That's not a hard thing.

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