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Ehud, etc.

I just read about Ehud, the left-handed judge, in Judges 3. That is consistently one of my favorite Bible stories.

An early and good start this morning. The coffee house is quieter just as it opens, a much more peaceful place to start the day.

Tonight I'm going out with Connor and Sara, who is one of my old RAs from a couple of years back. She's back in Seattle to visit from DC, and she's a lot of fun. Since I was her boss before, we haven't gone out. I'm enjoying the freedom of not being the authority figure anymore.

I could go into the office early today, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing. There's nothing that especially calls for me to come in early. I'm always OK with coming in early if something needs doing, but perhaps it would be wiser to wait a bit before going in. I enjoy my new job a lot, yet I need to be careful not to duplicate my previous workaholic patterns. I do not want to burn out again.
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