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Taking some hits

This day has been an odd mix. Yesterday found me so drained and out of it that I took today to catch up on personal errands and work from home (and Victrola, natch). My Victrola run, however, brought with it unexpected company.

As I walked in, I saw an estranged member of our church. She and a couple of other families broke fellowship over a year ago based largely on theological differences. It was a painful and difficult break on all sides, one which has not yet cleanly resolved. We hugged and caught up for an hour or so, engaging in both small talk and deep discussion. She told me that she and the other families have grown more aware of the Holy Spirit and spiritual warfare in their time away, and that Jesus had told her that morning to come to Victrola and that He would have someone for her to meet there.

There's more, and plenty of it, but it sums in that I question how edifying their path is. The slope is slippery, and while I would be hard pressed to put the work of the Spirit in a neat, controllable box, their actions have yielded discord and strife. Further, her interpretation of some spiritual matters is likely flawed by my understanding.

My own spirit was troubled before, and while there's been some recharging today, I'm feeling limited and attacked. My responses are out-of-whack and my fuse is short. Even simple things like getting too hungry and losing my keys have resulted in blow-ups. My apologies to everyone who's had to deal with me today.

Good thing I didn't go to the Community Group leaders' meeting tonight. That would have been ugly, and I'd still be there.

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