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War time

It's funny what people aren't ready to take seriously.

Today at staff meeting, Don asked about why the times on the church calendar were listed in military time. My explanation began jovially, as with a comrade, but I turned serious when I told the truth: I maintain military time on my computer as a reminder that we Christians are at war. The staff continued to joke and laugh about it, and I remembered that I am different. It is something of a hard thing, something of a risk to share that truth. They were not ready to hear it.

In my mind, I ask what it will take for others to face the reality of this war. But I know the answer to that question is likely the same as with any other war– it will take loss. How much more?

As leaders, we have an obligation, a duty to understand the truth and not to deny it for the sake of comfort. There are judgements reserved for leaders who declare peace and tranquility in the face of war and destruction. I want no part of this. My conscience alone will not bear it.

It's not their fault, mind you, at least not entirely. We have each been lulled to sleep in our own ways, myself no less. Yet I'm growing to believe that, however crazy and simply uncategorizable some of my personal experiences have been, He has formed me into something for the good of the body, a herald and a harbinger. To be faithful, I must bring myself to bear on others, encourage and challenge them out of their slumber. I want them to do the same for me. I want Him to do the same for all of us.

Make no mistake: victory is secure.

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